Over time, jewelry may become a little less radiant. This is because they come into contact with other surfaces and other products. To enjoy the shine of jewelry as long as possible, we have a number of tips listed.

  • Before you go to sleep, make sure you put away your jewelry. During your time in dreamland you move more than you realize. You run the risk of getting stuck somewhere and that would be a shame! The grease of your skin can also cause your jewelry to lose its shine.

  • Try to avoid liquids as much as possible. Nice bath with lots of soap and a mask on your face? Or ready for the big spring cleaning? Make sure you take off your jewelry beforehand. Soap and oils contain certain substances that can corrode gold and gemstones.

  • Also with other physical chores, it is advisable to think about whether you want to keep your jewelry on. Vintage jewellery is vulnerable. A day of working in the garden, a bodypump class at the gym or building a hut with your nephew? Maybe it is wise to check if you can take off your jewelry for a while.

  • Some gemstones are very sensitive to sunlight and may even discolour. Have you planned a wonderful holiday to the sun? Maybe it's wise to leave your jewellery at home or only take it out in the evening.

Are your jewels still what dull become? Then you can do the following. Polish the gold with a soft cloth. You will see that it will get its shine back. Diamonds and stones can also be polished with a cloth. Still not the desired effect? Then immerse them in a bath of lukewarm water and green soap. Then use a soft toothbrush to brush the dirt off the stone, rinse it and pat the jewellery dry.

If a ring is very dirty please contact us. In consultation with our goldsmith we will look for a solution.